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  1. image.gifHey

    Greetings from!
    Harvansh Singh this side, I hope everything is well at your end.

    Testbook is India’s largest exam preparation site and we provide live classes, online mentoring, and test series to over 10 million government job aspirants.

    I am writing this email to you as I found your website interesting and I liked the way you present content on your portal. We wanted to feature our brand on your website so that your readers could get an idea of our services and we could also reach our target audience.

    We are also open to any other type of engagement if you have anything specific in mind. Please let us know if you are open to the same.

    Moreover, if you have any constructive feedback for us, then please do not hesitate to share.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards.

    Harvansh Singh

  2. Udyoga khatri book has been allocated to my door number and to my ration card. But my uncle is using that card without any authorization. He don’t have his door number.
    Can we block the book


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